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Schmiedmann car sale and sourcing


Let Schmiedmann help you finding your next BMW or MINI.

Schmiedmann has many years of experience with the car brands BMW and MINI, and as a new initiative, we offer to find the right BMW or MINI model for you. Our department in Sweden has acquired a large network, and can therefore source even special models. With the current exchange rate, you can find your dream BMW or MINI for a great price in Sweden.

All the cars sold through Schmiedmann are carefully inspected by our specialists before delivery. We have freight options for transportation all over Europe at a low price and guaranteed safety.

Schmiedmann can also customize your BMW or MINI before delivery. Our workshop is specialized in BMW and MINI and can mount parts for the lowest prices.


Contact Schmiedmann Sweden

To get started with finding your next BMW or MINI, contact Viktor from Schmiedmann Sweden. He will guide you through the process of finding the perfect car to delivery all over Europe.

Viktor Örtegren
Schmiedmann Sverige AB
Tel: +46 (0) 300-30808

Schmiedmann Sverige Showroom


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