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    1. Prices

      All our prices are in danish kroner, as a service you are able to view the price of a product in a chosen currency, and the amount will be withdrawn in that currency, the amount is calculated based on the price in danish kroner. The price of a product can be viewed both including and excluding VAT.

      For non EU countries  please note, that local import taxes, fees etc. are not included in our prices and might be charged in your country by receipt of the goods, for more information please contact the local authorities in your country.

    2. Free shipping

      Free shipping is eligible for orders above 167.50 EUR incl. VAT within EU.*

      *Free shipping is only eligible if the EU country is connected to the mainland by a bridge/tunnel and without a local Schmiedmann department (Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary and Sweden).
      *Voluminous orders are NOT eligible for free shipping. An order is voluminous if the order consist of a part more than 1,2 meters or if the total weight of the order is more than 25 kilograms.

    3. Please pay attention when ordering items on the webshop based on VIN number.

      The car's variant, year and model are identified automatically. However, equipment / options are NOT for example manual/automatic transmission.

      This means parts may also be shown that do NOT fit on your car, therefore please pay attention to the product description.

      The same applies for manual model lookup (without VIN number). We therefore do not take responsibility for incorrectly ordered parts where the product description states that the part will not fit a car with the equipment that the car has.

      An example: A customer has ordered a radiator which came up in the search result and a model was selected, but the product description states that the radiator only fits models with automatic transmission but the customer has a model with manual transmission.

      You can get a list your car's equipment / options on this website or find the part in the online ETK or contact us we can provide a print-out of the equipment / options.

    4. Payment

      You can pay with: VISA / Eurocard / Mastercard / PayPal / Bank transfer / Dankort* / Visa-Dankort* / MobilePay* / ViaBill*
      *Only in Denmark

      If you pay with Dankort or credit card you only have to type in your card no., date of expiration and the CVC Control Digits. Schmiedmann pays the transaction fee for private issued creditcards. On VISA / Mastercard issued to companies Swedbank will charge a transaction fee of amount total of the order. You can read more about the transaction fee here. The amount total of your order will not be drawn from your credit-card before the order is send from our warehouse. All credit-cards transactions go through

      The money that is reserved is solely in the bank's custody and have NO right of disposal or access to them.

      Schmiedmann reserves the ownership of the delivered until the amount total is received.

      ViaBill terms can be found her

    5. Deliverance

      As customer you are always assured an expedient and correct delivery, since we send orders every day. If there should be any problems with delivery you will always be contacted, either by email or phone.

    6. Transport damage

      Upon Shipment of items from Schmiedmann, once the items have been collected by the shipper, the responsibility for the items then lies with them and you as their customer. Any damage must be reported to  the shipper. Any delay in delivery on grounds of transport error or damage will also be responsibility of the shipper. Schmiedmann takes no responsibility in this case.   

      In accordance with the NSAB (conditions specified by the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders), damage or loss reimbursement is calculated by amount per kilo, and not actual invoice value. This in some cases may cause the reimbursed amount to be less, and incur a loss for the individual, of which Schmiedmann has no control in.  

      Please check if you consider that the coverage is sufficient or you want an additional transport insurance before shipping.

    7. Order of products we normally do not have in stock

      We can get almost any BMW & MINI part for you if it´s available on the market.
      But please note that delivery times may vary more on parts that we don´t keep in stock.

      If you are a B2B (Business to Business customer) inside or outside of the EU or B2C (Business to consumer) outside the EU please note that if you cancel an order and we can't cancel the part from our supplier or if the part is already shipped from our supplier we will need to charge you the restocking fee that we are faced with from the supplier which will be 20% of the price of the part. This doesn´t apply if extra freight cost needs to be added to the shipment or for B2C customers (Business to Consumer) within EU.

      If we are able to cancel the part from our supplier at the time of your cancelation there will be no restocking costs involved.

      Parts that are custom made/programmed etc. for your vehicle cannot be cancelled after they are made/programmed etc.

      Parts that contains explosives like airbags, belt tensioners etc. and fire extinguishers and other hazardous goods can also not be cancelled once ordered.

    8. By receipt of the order

      Before accepting the shipment from the courier please check it for transport damage. If there are damages notify the courier immediately.

      When you receive the order, make sure that everything is in order. Especially products that have to be painted! We do not offer any refunds for expenses added due to painting a wrongly delivered product or products with errors or missing parts. Please check the parts and make sure that the parts ordered and are the same as received on your invoice. Discrepancies between delivered & ordered number must be notified to us no later than 24 hours after receipt.

    9. Price guaranty

      We guarantee that you as a customer with us, will get the lowest price on the market on all spare parts and equipment. This does not apply to discount products. The product has to be of same brand and quality.

    10. Security

      We use SSL on our credit-card solution for the highest security. That means that the credit-card information you type in, are protected will transferred between your computer and the payment service. The quality of encryption while using SSL is generally considered very safe for online business. You can read more about SSL on and how payment is done using SSL.

    11. Confidentially

      Your information - name, address and email - is only used to send your order and inform you if there is some problem with the delivery. You will also receive an order confirmation by email when ordering online.

    12. Confirmation of an order

      Immediately after you have completed an online purchase, you will receive an order confirmation by email. This order confirmation will contain an order id, a transaction id (When paying with credit card), the name and billing address of the person paying, also an overview of the ordered products. 
      Order id and/or transaction id should be used whenever inquerying regarding your order.

    13. Return policy with regard to internet purchases

      Our private customers (B2C) within the EU are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of received delivery of their order, on all purchases made online in accordance with the Danish customer agreement law. Returns made after this time, and only with agreement from us, may incur an administration charge of 20%. For our business customers (B2B) with discounted prices and B2C outside of the EU, returns can only be made in agreement with us and with an administration charge of 20% of the customers buying price of the product.

      Returning goods in conjunction with danish customer agreement law.
      With the return of goods, it is the customers responsibility to deliver the products in the same condition as received. All charges incurred with regard to return postage are the customers responsibility. In the case of electronic parts, DVDs or CDs, these can not be returned if the seal is broken. All products / goods are to be returned in their original, undamaged packaging, with an enclosed copy of the original invoice.
      The package should also be clearly marked with an RMA number, which can be supplied through our Return Guide found on our web shop.

      Forfeit of refund policy
      Forfeit of your rights to full refund will incur if, any item has been fitted, painted or have incurred any other form of maladjustment that impedes the retail value of the item once received. In the case of electronic parts, DVDs or CDs, these can not be returned if the seal is broken.

      All products specially manufactured, specified by the customer, are not covered under the return policy law due to the customers own involvement in the development of the product.

      Returning of payment
      Payments to the purchaser will be finalized via bank transfer service. Customers need to supply the relevant bank transfer information in advance.

    14. Return of damaged goods policy

      In accordance with danish purchase law, the customer is entitled to 2 years right to complaint from the date of receipt.
      For specific products with prior agreement, it may be possible to extend this period. Goods or products that are subjected to vandalism, abuse or mal application are not subject to this policy.
      Return policy for used items is 6 months from the date of receipt.

      Returning of damaged goods
      With the return of Damaged goods, it is the customers responsibility to deliver the products back in the same condition as received. All charges incurred with regard to return postage are the customers responsibility. All products / goods are to be returned in their original packaging, with an enclosed copy of the original invoice.
      The package should also be clearly marks with an RMA number, which can be supplied through our Return Guide found on our web shop.
      Shipments sent as "Cash on delivery" will not be accepted

      Handling time and process

      Customers should be aware that all products returned as damaged must be accepted as damaged from the manufacturer / supplier of the product before any goods are exchanged or refunded. In this situation, an unspecified period is determined for this process.
      If in a specific case, the products are required immediately, we can supply the customer with an exact replacement subject to stock, at the purchase price.
      The returned products will be refunded subject to acceptance of liability from us or our suppliers.

    15. General about returning products

      We would also like to note that returning products or goods must be to the same department, where the products or goods was obtained from.

      Refunding of deposit
      The old part must be received no later than 6 months after the date of purchase, if not we reserve the right to reject the old part and thus not to refund the paid-up deposit.

      To receive the deposit refunded, the old part must be cleaned and returned in original packaging and please attach a copy of the original invoice.

      The returned part must be in a physical state that can be renovated. For example the old part has only been exposed to normal wear and has not suffered visible damages as a result of, for example, a collision or similar.

    16. Consumer Law

      Your order by the Internet is covered by ordinary danish law, including legal no. 886 about certain kind of sales (door-to-door sales, distance sales, reoccurring services) of 23th december 1987 that was changed by law no. 262 of 6th june 1993 and law no. 1098 of 21th december 1994.

    17. Damage

      There is offered no compensation for consequential damages or labour costs when installing defective or wrongly delivered goods.

    18. Disputes

      If you wish to complain about your purchase, you must create a case in our RMA system, which can be found here.
      Should we fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Board. From the 02/15/2016 the EU offers an online forum to resolve disputes between seller and buyer, you'll find it here When filing an complaint you'll need to enter our e-mail address New BMW parts / used parts
      Disagreement about the repair of a car we refer to

    19. MOT-test.

      Products that are TÜV approved, should be able to pass a MOT test in Denmark. We do not offer any guarantee in regards to passing a MOT, because decisions based on results of MOT tests are different for each test facility. But always make certain to have relevant TÜV documentation available to the test facility.

    20. Contact us

      We can be reached at the follow addresses and phone numbers.

      New parts

      Schmiedmann Odense A/S
      Herluf Trolles  Vej 15
      5220 Odense SØ
      Tlf +45 65 94 15 45

      Cvr. Nr. 29634602

      New parts / used parts

      Schmiedmann Nordborg A/S
      Lyngmosevej 9
      6430 Nordborg
      Tlf +45 74 49 11 80

      Cvr. Nr. 29634629

    21. Disclaimer

      We reserve the right to make changes, including change in price, content, description, terms, etc. at any time without notice. Any agreement about order for products from Schmiedmann is binding when a employee has executed the order. Special offers stands as long as products are in stock.

    22. Database

      TecDoc inside

      The data shown here, specifically the entire database, must not be copied.
      It is not permitted to copy or distribute the data or the entire database without the prior written consent of TecDoc and/or allow these actions to be carried out by third parties.
      A contravention constitutes copyright infringement and will be prosecuted.