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Fuel Filter
13327794549 13 32 7 794 549 7794549 500 741

11.71 USD excl. vat
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Product number: 13327794549TR

Supplier Product Number: 500 741

The product is unoriginal

Condition of the item: New

This product fits on both left and right hand drive BMWs.



Filter type: In-Line Filter
Outer diameter [mm]: 56
Height [mm]: 274
Supplementary Article/Info 2: with clamp holder
Housing Type: Aluminium Housing
Inlet Ø [mm]: 8
Outlet Ø [mm]: 8

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Guiding mount time: 0,5hour(s).

Amount per car: 1 pcs.

General Information: Any and all spare parts we supply are solely intended for
the designated purpose as defined by us.
Installation by trained personnel only.
Our products are usually supplied without assembly
Installation in vehicles other than those specified by
us may lead to the exclusion of warranty.