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Fire extinguisher dry-powder 6kg.
61350600043 61 35 0 600 043 0600043

66.27 USD excl. vat
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Product number: 61350600043

Supplier Product Number: 61350600043

Manufacturer product number: 61350600043

Condition of the item: New

This product fits on both left and right hand drive model.

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Guiding mount time: 0,25hour(s).

Weight: 7.00 KG

Amount per car: Amount unknown

To be able to specify a fire extinguisher power class, a standard bonfire of 0.5 meters in width and 0.5 meters in height is made. The longer the standard fire you can extinguish with b x h targets as described, the greater the power class gets the fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher capable of handling a 3.4 m length bonfire with the w x h dimensions described has power class 34A. Anyone who can handle a 4.3 m long bonfire has a power class 43A.

Fire Class: ABC.
Efficiency class: 43A 233B C.
Certification: DS-EN3, CE, Wheelmark and DS license
Accessories: Spray hose and wall bracket.

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