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Black Friday 2023

BMW X1 (F48LCI) Racing brake pads

Racing brake pads front EBC yellow stuff (for road and racetrack)

91.84 USD excl. vat
(119.74 USD excl. vat)
Special Offer
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SKU  DP42393R

Expected delivery 10 working days
Condition of the item: New
Fits on:
SAV X1 16d X1 18d B47 X1 18d B47B X1 18dX X1 18dX B47 X1 18dX B47B X1 18i X1 18i B32 X1 18i B38C X1 20d X1 20d B47 X1 20d B47D X1 20dX B47 X1 20dX B47D X1 20i X1 20i B42 X1 20i B48C X1 20iX X1 20iX B46D X1 20iX B48C X1 25iX X1 25iX B42 X1 25iX B46D X1 25iX B48D X1 28i X1 28iX
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