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Meyle radiator coolant (Blue) 1,5L can

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F15KOEL  Meyle radiator coolant (Blue) 1,5L can
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Product number: F15KOEL

Supplier Product Number: 0140169100

Manufacturer product number: 0140169100

Condition of the item: New

This product fits on both left and right hand drive BMWs.

Special offer!

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Weight: 1.74 KG

Dim. (LxHxW): 9.5x9.5x27 cm

Amount per car: 1 pcs.

To be mixed with water until you get the temperature level you wish secured! for instant until -30degrees celsius 1:1!

MB 325.2
MB 325.0
SAE J1034
ASTM D4340
ASTM D3306

Let one of our BMW specialized workshops do the mounting, we got the know how and low prices!

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The product is unoriginal Condition of the item: New
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