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Reversing camera
66539475687 66 53 9 475 687 9475687

C41332 66539475687 66 53 9 475 687 9475687  Reversing camera
142.30 USD excl. vat
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Product number: C41332

Manufacturer product number: 66539475687

The product is original

Used parts

This product fits on both left and right hand drive BMWs.

(Go directly under the your model to see which models the part fits)

F52 F45 SAT F45 SAT LCI F46 MPV F46 MPV LCI G11 G12 X1 (F48) X1 (F48LCI) X1 (F49) X1 (F49LCI) X2 (F39) X3 (F25) X4 (F26) X5 (F15) X5 M (F85) X6 (F16) X6 M (F86) I3 (I01) I3 (I01LCI) F55 F56 F54 F54LCI F57 F60

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Guiding mount time: 1-2hour(s).

Weight: 0.15 KG

Dim. (LxHxW): 10x10x10 cm

Amount per car: 1 pcs.

The parts you see on the pictures is the parts you get when you order.
That means when the parts are sold the pictures will be deleted.
We reserve the right that the goods may be sold out if there are two customers who order it online simultaneously.

Let us mount the parts at our BMW special workshop, we got the know how and a low price!

Old product numbers
66 53 9 475 688
66 53 9 472 922