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Batteri cable - negative with intelligent battery sensor (IBS) - original Hella Germany
61216821206 61 21 6 821 206 6821206

115.71 USD excl. vat
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Product number: 61216821206H

The product is unoriginal, but in OE quality

New parts

This product fits on both left and right hand drive BMWs.

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F45 SAT F45 SAT LCI F46 MPV F46 MPV LCI X1 (F48) X1 (F48LCI) X1 (F49) X1 (F49LCI) X2 (F39)

F45 Active Tourer
All Active Tourer models

F46 Gran Tourer
214d -05/2016
216d -05/2016
216i -05/2016
218d -05/2016
218dX -05/2016
218i B38 -05/2016
220d -05/2016
220dX -05/2016
220i -05/2016

X1 16d B37 -05/2016
X1 16d B37B -05/2016
X1 18d -05/2016
X1 18d B47 -05/2016
X1 18d B47B -05/2016
X1 18dX -05/2016
X1 18dX B47 -05/2016
X1 18dX B47B -05/2016
X1 18i B38 -05/2016
X1 18i B38C -05/2016
X1 20d -05/2016
X1 20d B47 -05/2016
X1 20d B47D -05/2016
X1 20dX -05/2016
X1 20dX B47 -05/2016
X1 20dX B47D -05/2016
X1 20i B48 -05/2016
X1 20i B48C -05/2016
X1 20iX B48 -05/2016
X1 20iX B48C -05/2016
X1 25dX -05/2016
X1 25iX B48 -05/2016
X1 25iX B48D -05/2016
X1 28i -05/2016
X1 28iX -05/2016

All SAV models

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Guiding mount time: 1hour(s).

Amount per car: 1 pcs.

IBS monitors the battery condition, measure voltage, charge/discharge and temperature of the battery acid. IBS sends data to the engine control unit, which uses the data to ensure optimal charging and ensure there is always enough power to start the vehicle at least one more time.

Let one of our BMW specialized workshops do the mounting, we got the know-how and low prices!

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