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Valvetronic adjustment motor
11377548388 11 37 7 548 388 7548388

A57893 11377548388 11 37 7 548 388 7548388  Valvetronic adjustment motor A57893 11377548388 11 37 7 548 388 7548388  Valvetronic adjustment motor
116.04 USD excl. vat
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Product number: A57893

Manufacturer product number: 11377548388

The product is original


This product fits on both left and right hand drive BMWs.

(Go directly under the your model to see which models the part fits)

E81 E87 E87 LCI E88 E82 E90 E90 LCI E91 E91 LCI E92 E92 LCI E93 E93 LCI E60 E60 LCI E61 E61 LCI F10 F11 F18 E63 E63 LCI E64 E64 LCI E65 E66 F01 F01 LCI F02 F02 LCI X1 (E84) X3 (E83LCI) X3 (F25) X5 (E70) Z4 (E85) Z4 (E86) Z4 (E89)

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Guiding mount time: 1hour(s).

Weight: 1.18 KG

Dim. (LxHxW): 20x20x15 cm

Amount per car: 1 pcs.

The item pictures is the actual item. Which means when the item is sold the picture will be deleted. We reserve the right that the goods may be sold out in the event of two clients purchase simultaneously. If you are in doubt about which parts will fit your BMW, don´t hesitate to contact us. please have the last 7 signs in your chassis number ready for our staff! (Please note: Dangerous goods – special freight requirements/price)

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8.42 USD excl. vat

Best no.  11-37-7-516-302

Expected delivery 5 working days
The product is original
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