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Recycled car - BMW E87 5 doors - New parts

BMW E87 5 doors

116I N45 2006 model 1.6L 115HK

Transmisson: Manual

Car no.: 2092

1CA Selection of COP-relevant vehicles
235 Towing hitch, detachable
320 Deleted, model lettering
423 Floor mats velours
428 Warning triangle and first aid kit
450 Height adjustment, passenger seat
473 Armrest front
4AK Interior trim finishers silver
520 Fog lights
534 Automatic air conditioning
548 Kilometre speedo
662 Radio BMW Business CD
7RP Advantage package
851 Language version German
863 Dealer List Europe
879 On-board literature, German
8SP Control unit COP

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  • dsc09358_small.jpg
  • dsc09359_small.jpg
  • dsc09360_small.jpg
  • dsc09361_small.jpg
  • dsc09362_small.jpg
  • dsc09363_small.jpg
  • dsc09364_small.jpg
  • dsc09365_small.jpg
  • dsc09367_small.jpg
  • dsc09366_small.jpg

We sell all the parts from this BMW model.

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